Rutraindo is an infrastructure equipment soluton provider. We provide a comprehensive range of products and services to support your infrastructure and constructon
needs. Rutraindo has been associated with quality road constructon equipment, mainly Stone Crusher and Asphalt Mixing Plant products, which have become the market leader in Indonesia for many years.

Our main business is providing quality road constructon machinery and heavy equipment such as Asphalt Mixing Plants, Stone Crusher Plants, Concrete Batching Plants, Generatng sets, and Heavy Equipment.

We have been appointed as the exclusive distributor for quality products from various brands such as AZP, PRIME, Power Paver, Power Curber, Changlin,
TRXBUILD (Huatong Kinetcs Co. Ltd.), Saonon Cummins and Perkins in Indonesia. As an exclusive distributor, Ruang Teknik has a wide range of product sizes as well as assuring the availability of spare parts and afer sales service.

Service quality and product expertse are what Ruang Teknik Group is known for. The group is supported by team of experienced mechanics and engineers, that ensure optmum productvity for our customers. With a complete product line and over 40 years of experience, Ruang Teknik is commited to provide excellent solutons and
service to customers.
AZP, Prime, Gator, PowerPavers, Changlin, Wanon, Cummins, Perkins