Rutraindo was established in 1976 as Ruang Teknik Technical Supply and importer of road construction equipments. In 1983, they started to import Stone Crushers, later becoming the assembler of Stone Crusher Plants. In the same year, they were also appointed as the sole agent of the Shin Saeng brand (now SPECO) Asphalt Mixing Plant from Korea. They then won an award for being the Best Seller of Shin Saeng Plants in 1985.

In 1993, Ruang Teknik Technical Supply was renamed to PT Rutraindo Perkasa and their affiliate company, PT Rutraindo Perkasa Industri was established. PT Rutraindo Perkasa focuses on trading and distribution of heavy equipment and generating sets, while PT Rutraindo Perkasa Industri focuses on manufacturing Stone Crushers, Asphalt Mixing Plants, and Concrete Batching Plants. PT Rutraindo Perkasa Industri as factory, built also in 1993, is located in Kawasan Industri Hyundai (Bekasi International Industrial Estate /BIIE), Lippo Cikarang, occupying an area of 1,3 Ha.

The manufacturer of Shan Bao Stone Crushers, Shanghai Jianshe Luqiao Machinery Co. Ltd, has also directly appointed Rutraindo as the official trade agent for Shan Bao Stone Crushers in Indonesia. Thus, Rutraindo can offers a complete selection of Shan Bao stone crushers, guarantee the quality of goods, as well as ensure the availability of spare parts and replacements. For every Shan Bao stone crusher directly purchased from Rutraindo, Rutraindo will provide the certificate of originality, which guarantees that the product purchased is original and compatible with available spare parts.

Due to strong market demand, Rutraindo began importing used paving (spreading) equipment in 1985. As part of Rutraindo as commitment to quality, only equipments with a certificate of investigation from Sucofindo, and have been declared as suitable for use will be sold. PT Rutraindo Perkasa, will also perform further rectification and maintenance on those equipments in order to guarantee their suitability of use (Refurbished Used Equipment).

As demand for their products grew, in 2012, Rutraindo established PT. Simac Indonesia an second fabricating and manufacturing facility at Delta Silikon. Simac will focus more on asphalt mixing plant, allowing PT Rutraindo Perkasa Industri to focus on Stone Crushers and Batching Plants.

As of December 2013, Rutraindo will introduce Gator brand of stone crushers to meet their clients a changing demands, and slowly phase out Shan Bao brand of stone crushers.

Service and expertise are what Rutraindo is known for; their team of experienced mechanics and consultants will ensure optimum plant layout, and offer regular visits for equipment maintenance. With 230 employees serving your needs, a complete product line, and over 25 years of experience, Rutraindo is a company committed to providing the best solutions and service in the industry.

Feel free to ask any of our experts if you need any road construction equipment and you will discover why Rutraindo is the solutions provider in the industry.